What’s for Dinner?

Do you ever dread that question? (We sure did!)


When you start trying to eat healthy and adopt a more whole foods lifestyle, it can get pretty challenging.

  • How do you find healthy recipes?
  • How do you get your family on board?
  • How do you find time to plan & prepare meals?

But, let’s get real.

With work and life…who has the time to plan nutritionally-sound meals every week, let alone cook them? (And, even on those rare occasions when you do find the time, you run out of energy. Right?)

And then, what happens?

We see this all the time with our private clients. They have the best intentions to eat healthy and stay the course, but life just gets in the way.

Which gave us this idea…

How would it help if dinner was already planned? What if you had access to over 130+ recipes that meet your new standards of healthy eating? And, what if each recipe came with step-by-step instructions and a weekly grocery lists, too!

And, so we created The Kitchen Skinny Menus. Just for you!

Here’s How it Works…



“I LOVE the recipes! I love the pictures with step-by-step directions and exactly what I need for each shopping trip. I think the Messy Joe’s are my fav so far and the Spinach Linguini with artichokes is a close second 🙂 Thank you for meeting a need in my life that I had not been able to meet prior to The Kitchen Skinny!”

“The cauliflower tasted great, my husband’s comment was, “This is as good as french fries and it’s good for you!” – Thanks for a good product!

“I made the Chickpea Wrap and Pesto Pasta this week – both were awesome – even my meat and potatoes hubby liked them. All this from a women that doesn’t cook. Love it!”



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