What to do when you can’t find an ingredient

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There will be times when you just can’t find every ingredient. It happens.

We try to stick with standard ingredients, but some of them might require an extra trip to a natural food store. If you just run out of time or can’t find one particular ingredient, don’t panic. It won’t ruin your whole week. You might not even miss it.

Use your judgment. Get creative. If the recipe calls for a red pepper, but red peppers are $10/pound this week, then swap it out for a yellow or orange one.

Don’t spend a bunch of time looking for that one lost ingredient – just think of an alternative or skip it all together.¬†Who knows, you might make an improvement on the original recipe.¬†Sure, once in a while you might create a total flop, but it makes for a great story.

Our most recent flop was when we tried to make our tried-and-true sloppy joe recipe with red lentils instead of green ones. Who knew that would make a huge difference? The red lentils turned to mush and our sloppy joes were more like marinara sauce. There was no way to get it hold up in a bun, so we just dipped our bun in the sauce and made do. No harm, no foul. And, we learned something, too. Everyone survived.

So, don’t sweat it when you can’t find an ingredient. Get creative and see what happens.

If you discover some fabulous new recipe as a result of a mistake, let us know. We can add it to the mix!

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