What to do when a recipe has an ingredient you don’t like?

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So, what happens when you see one of The Kitchen Skinny recipes has an ingredient that you just don’t like?

I hate to say it, but if this happens, you are faced with a dilemma. You can either buck up and give it a try or skip it. Either option is fine. No one will ever know except for you.

Still, we would love to encourage you to try things – even if you don’t like them. Why?  Because you just never know when a recipe is going to change how you feel about an ingredient.

A couple examples from our house…

I always hated cauliflower. Didn’t like the taste. Didn’t like the texture. I tried it cooked, raw, you name it. It wasn’t until the day that I discovered roasting it that I suddenly became a fan. I still can’t believe how much I like it as long as it’s cooked this way. Who knew? And, cauliflower is SO good for you. Now my body gets to enjoy the benefits.

Karen hated tomatoes her entire life. She would pick them out of anything – a salad, a sandwich, a pizza, even chunky spaghetti sauce. Once we started experimenting with recipes that called for heirloom tomatoes, Karen ventured to try them out. You can imagine her surprise when she discovered she liked them. She’d probably just never had a ‘real’ tomato. Now that we buy locally grown, organic tomatoes, Karen is a big fan. She still can’t get over it. Sometimes she scrapes them to the side of her plate out of habit and has to stop herself to scoop them back up.

I could give you countless examples with our kids because our kids hated just about anything that was green or vegetable-like. By trying lots of different recipes, they found they actually liked ingredients that they thought they didn’t like. Sure, it took some time, but if we hadn’t tried so many different recipes, they would have never got there. Today, they’ll try anything because they’ve done it so many times before and they know that they’ll survive – and might even discover something they really like.

So, when you see tomatoes or spinach or cauliflower or bell peppers or mushrooms – or some other ingredient that you ‘hate’ – we hope you’ll reconsider your feeling and give it a try. Not just once, but twice, three times, four times…eventually, you’re going to find your tastes have changed or a new mix of ingredients has turned something you used to hate into something you love.

It’s a great example to set for your kids, too. They should see you try things you don’t like. It teaches a big lesson.

If we haven’t motivated you yet to be brave and try stuff you know in your brain you just don’t like…you can always skip the ingredient all together. One time we had a recipe for saffron rice. At the time, we’d never heard of saffron and when we got to the store and found out how expensive it was, we decided to skip it all together. Of course, we couldn’t call it ‘saffron rice’ when it didn’t have any saffron, so we just called it ‘saffron-less’ rice.

Bottomline – it’s up to you. But, at least you know where we stand. 🙂

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