What about Breakfast?

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Lots of Kitchen Skinny members ask us questions about breakfast. So, here’s what we do at our house.


Breakfast is pretty much the same thing every day at our house – boring, but the girls both head out the door every morning early, so keeping it simple on school days is key.

The truth is, the girls would skip breakfast entirely if it weren’t for me making them eat it…just because it’s so easy to skip on out the door without it. So, I made a deal with them a number of years ago – that breakfast would be ready for them at a fixed time – they didn’t have to do anything – just show up & eat. No dishes. No nothing.

For me, it’s worth it because a quality breakfast has been key to helping Kady heal from her lupus and it’s actually been transformative for her behavior-wise. The protein and complex carbs first thing in the morning is critical to having solid energy all day.



  • Steel cut oatmeal. We mix in 2 T. ground flax seeds, 2 T. hemp seeds (lots of protein) and 2 T. chia seeds (great for detox)…some dried goji berries or fresh organic blueberries or strawberries if in season. Kady loves some cinnamon. A handful of raw nuts is great, too. (walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds) And, a little soy milk if it’s too dry.
  • Green smoothie

Those two things get us all off to a great start.


Tyler just doesn’t like oatmeal, so on her two school days, I scramble an egg for her with sweet potato and/or beans & a piece of Ezekiel toast.

Which brings up eggs: We are not against eggs…but we do try to limit all animal protein for a variety of reasons both health and environmental. From a health perspective, our feeling is that eggs are okay a couple times a week, but every day is too much. From an environmental standpoint…still a lot of hesitancy.


We also keep Ezekiel cereal in the cupboard…Kady has this some days when she’s just bored with oatmeal. Add a little almond or soy milk & a small amount of fruit.


Usually, once a week we make pancakes. Just for fun.


  • Any kind of rice/beans/veggie combo
  • Stir fry some beans, sweet potatoes, onion & bell peppers
  • What about granola?¬†We used to buy a lot of granola, but 8+ g of sugar is not so good on a daily basis. You could always have some fun making your own.


The biggest thing from a health perspective is just trying to get complex carbs and some protein. Hemp seeds are awesome for protein and really do the trick.

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