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Week 1 Menu

We’re excited to introduce you to these recipes. Since it’s the first week, everything will be new so it’s going to be a busy week in your kitchen. But, the reward is that you are going to have some excellent food and you’ll learn a couple of fast tricks that will come in handy in the future.


Cooking all 5 recipes this week? Use one of these shopping lists. The “half” list cuts # of servings in half and the “double” lists is for larger families that want to double the number of servings or cook in larger batches to freeze.

all in one

all in one (half)

all in one (double)


Use these lists if you want to see your shopping list sorted by recipe. This is handy if you are cooking only 3-4 of the recipes.

all in one by recipe 

all in one by recipe (half)

all in one by recipe (double)


Use these to print individual shopping lists just for one recipe.

southwest chili w/cornbread 

mexican pizza

chickpea wrap 

black bean burger & sweet potato fries 

pesto pasta w/roasted cauliflower


The Mexican Pizza you see above is something we include in our “Fast Fallback Meals” because it’s something you can just whip up on the fly on a busy night as long as you keep the ingredients on hand.

The Southwest Chili & Cornbread is awesome because you can throw it together quickly or you can make it early in the day and just let it sit in a crockpot. We use it a lot on those Friday nights when friends come over, but there just isn’t time to cook. (In fact, some of our friends probably think the only thing we eat is chili because we have it every time they come over!)

The Chickpea Wraps and the Pesto Pasta are great not  only for dinner, but for lunchtime leftovers. Kady loves taking any kind of pasta tossed in a little pesto for lunch at school.

We experimented a long-time before mastering this Black Bean Burger recipe. They are so tasty and you can freeze the extra patties so you have them on hand for a night when you don’t want to cook or prepare. This is a great meal for a Sunday night when you have a little extra time because it probably requires the most work, but it’s soooo worth it! Go nuts with the toppings and good luck opening your mouth wide enough!

Have a delicious week! Let us know what your favorites are. If you miss one of them, don’t worry, it’ll find its way back into the rotation sometime down the road. If 5 new recipes is too much for you, just pick a few. We have a lot of good recipes to introduce these first couple weeks to get you going. Just remember to crank up some music or light a candle — whatever it takes to make dinner a time to unwind and shake off your day. Your body will thank you!