The Kitchen Skinny Affiliate Program

Do your clients need support to eat healthier?

Whether your clients goals are to lose weighteat healthier or just get some new healthy recipes into their dinner mix, The Kitchen Skinny Menus will help them simplify life and change their habits around food.

No more coming up with dinner ideas. No more grocery lists & planning. No more worrying about nutrition & labels & counting calories. No more guessing about what is healthy and what is not.

We take the hard work out of eating healthy.

How it works.

When your client joins The Kitchen Skinny, they become a member for up to one full year. During their membership, we provide then with their dinner menu for the week, easy-to-follow recipes and detailed shopping lists. Along the way, they will learn how to make whole, plant-based foods a more central part of their daily life. 

It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

What they get.
  • Full access to
  • Weekly pre-planned menu – One simple email delivered to them each week throughout their membership (no more having to dream up dinner ideas)
  • Step-by-step recipes with easy-to follow instructions & photos (minimize time in the kitchen & get the most from dinner)
  • A detailed grocery list for that week’s recipes (they just pull up their grocery list for the week on their phone & hit the store)
  • Shopping & nutrition tips (discover new healthy alternatives that make a big difference)
  • Recipe modifications – Each recipe includes suggested modifications based on their goal (losing weight, improving heart health, saving time)
  • Motivation & support to stay on track because of our weekly reminders

What Kitchen Skinny members are saying…

We are getting it–gradually choosing healthier options more routinely. My husband has lost 4lbs (in 4 weeks). I have lost too! You’re awesome! I am forwarding the link to one of my husband’s co-workers who has been expressing interest in what our family has been eating lately.

With four kids, I love the convenience of having healthy dinners planned for me & my grocery list right there at my fingertips.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! We are loving every meal. Including my meat-eating husband!

Okay, tonight I tried my first recipe. I was amazed that every one of them said, ‘Hey, mom this is really good. It’s so tasty!’ I started jumping up and down and screaming because I have not heard those words in soooo long. All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

We had the Z Tacos last night (although fixed it like a burrito so could get more in it…haha). The Kitchen Skinny rocks!!

Our grocery bill has actually gone down (and that is with purchasing organic produce)!

Thanks so much for the wonderful service you are providing. We are really enjoying the recipes and will definitely incorporate them regularly into our lives. WOW! is all I can say.

I just made the Black Bean burgers on Saturday eve….. what a hit! I truly LOVE them and plan to make them over and over again. I never dreamed they could taste soooo amazing! We are loving THE KITCHEN SKINNY! I’m soooo happy that we decided to learn new eating habits.

Why it works.

First of all, we’re real people who have been there. So, we’ve done everything we can to make this do-able. We understand  the challenges of working all day, juggling multiple roles and trying to keep it all together. We understand that your clients need more than a recipe. They need support.

They can not change their eating habits overnight (well, they can, but it’s not much fun!). And, even if they had a new cookbook full of healthy recipes, truth be told, it would not make a huge difference in their life.

However, a 12-month focus on small, consistent, incremental changes packaged with enough variety and some nutritional education and inspiration, will change how they eat forever!

…and, the best part?  It pays for itself.

We have put a lot of thought and planning into this program to make it easy and affordable.  If they follow our plan, this program will not only pay for itself – they could actually put money back in their pocket. How?

Well, if we can get them to eat out one less time each month, the savings will cover their membership fee and will move them a step closer to the goal of eating more whole foods and eating at home more often.

Many of our members actually end up saving money because they have been spending way too much by eating out frequently and not planning their meals. It’s amazing what a little planning & a solid grocery list can do for your bank account.

How do you benefit?
  • The main (and most important) benefit is your client starts to eat better, feel better and lose weight!
  • In addition, by becoming a Kitchen Skinny affiliate you can also start earning commissions for your referrals – it’s free to join and easy to sign up!
Here’s how it works.

When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with several banners and textual links that you can place within your site. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a commission as outlined below.


  • Commission are 50% for active affiliates.
  • Commissions are calculated as a percentage of the payment amount, less any discounts.
  • To qualify for commission, the sale must originate from your unique Affiliate Link.
  • No commissions will be paid on orders that are not paid in full or that are cancelled or refunded.

Commission  Payment:

  • We will pay commission on a monthly basis. Approximately 30 days following the end of each month.
  • We will  send you payment electronically via PayPal to your PayPal account, subject to our standard terms or conditions.

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!

  • Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.
Here’s how to get started.

How do I become Kitchen Skinny Affiliate? It’s easy!

  • Read The Kitchen Skinny Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the application.
  • Fill out and submit our Affiliate Program Application.
  • Once approved, we will contact you with a login and password to our Affiliates portal and your unique Affiliate Link.
  • Place your Affiliate Link on your website, social media, or in your email outreach and start promoting The Kitchen Skinny.

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We look forward working with you!

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