A Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Made Easy.

12 Delicious Recipes | Complete Shopping List

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Makeover


Your Complete Recipe Book & Guide to Pulling off a Delicious, Simple and Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Everyone will LOVE
(even the vegan and gluten-free eaters in your family)!


What you get.


+ 12 Delicious Clean Whole Foods Recipes (Gluten-Free and Vegan)*

We've taken all of your traditional favorites & given them a healthy spin - Kitchen Skinny style - everything from the mashed potatoes to the cranberry sauce. 12 delicious whole foods recipes that are healthy, filling and will make everyone happy.

  • Quinoa & Pistachio Stuffed Acorn Squash - A great Vegan option for a main dish
  • Mashed Potato Makeover - More protein & fiber than old-school recipes
  • Awesome Gratin - A great replacement to that sweet potato casserole
  • Green Beans w/ Caramelized Shallots - So much better than green bean casserole
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/Grapes & Walnuts - Now THIS is how to eat your veggies!
  • Simple Stuffing w/Swiss Chard & Caramelized Onions - And this is easy to make gluten-free
  • Bountiful Fruit Salad - Fruits & Superfoods
  • Zesty Cranberry Sauce - Beats the canned stuff any day!
  • Killer Cornbread - No one will know it's sugar free (and gluten-free)
  • Grateful Greens Salad - Get your raw veggies in!
  • Slow Down Pumpkin Bread Pudding - A great sugar-free option for dessert (and easy to make gluten-free)
  • Guilt-Free Gravy - Gravy without the meat? Yes, it can be done!

+ Complete Shopping List (Print & Go)

Just print out the shopping list we have provided & head to the store. It doesn't get any easier. Print the complete all-in-one shopping list organized by aisle or print the individualized shopping lists by recipe (also sorted by aisle). Make it easy on yourself to shop!

+ Simple Guide to Making Any Recipe Healthier

As an added bonus, we've provided our guide to making any recipe healthier. Maybe you love Aunt Emma's Thanksgiving recipe passed down in your family for generations & would love to make it a little healthier. Use this guide for some simple swaps in ingredients that will make it healthier for everyone.


A message from TK & Karen Smith, Founders of The Kitchen Skinny & creators of
"The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Makeover"

Give Your Thanksgiving Dinner a Healthy Makeover & Feel Good About What You're Serving

These days, chances are your Thanksgiving table will have guests with a variety of different eating styles: Vegan, Vegetarian, gluten-free, food allergies, picky eaters, healthy eaters and not so healthy eaters.

Or you may have guests on a variety of diets – Weight Watchers, Medifast, you name it.

Sometimes it becomes a huge challenge for us all to enjoy a meal together because we all bring our own standards & limitations to the table.

Maybe you just dread eating the meal that you’ve traditionally made for Thanksgiving because it makes you feel so guilty…all the calories, the bloating, etc.

We remember what that was like when we started 'eating healthy' - showing up for or fixing a Thanksgiving dinner we didn’t really want to eat. We didn’t want to seem ‘picky’ or ‘prissy’ when it came to ‘eating healthy’ because we knew that just made everyone else at the table feel more guilty themselves. So, over the years, we slowly gave our traditional Thanksgiving a makeover.

This recipe book takes all of the traditional Thanksgiving favorites and gives them a healthy spin. Not only are they healthy, but they make it possible for everyone to enjoy a meal together because they are filling and delicious. The best part is that even your Vegan or gluten-free family members will find plenty to eat at your table.

You’ll notice there is no turkey in this recipe book. (What? No turkey?) We figured we all know how to roast a turkey. You can certainly put a turkey at the center of your table if you choose. But, you’ll also find we’ve included a Quinoa Squash recipe that can easily replace the turkey or serve as a vegan option at your table.

We’ve also included a sugar-free Pumpkin Bread Pudding recipe that you can easily swap for that traditional pumpkin pie. Or, if you really want that pumpkin pie, you’ll find you may actually have room for it after this meal because it won’t leave you feeling bloated and miserable.

If you’re not quite ready for a complete Thanksgiving Dinner makeover, you can just introduce one or two of these recipes each year. Or put them side-by-side with the traditional favorite and see which one ‘wins’.

The point is – have some fun. Experiment. But, most of all, enjoy your Thanksgiving meal!

TK & Karen

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