Sweetie Pies

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Sweetie Pies

Yield: 6

Sweetie Pies

This is a fun one with CRAZY good flavors. I would not call it quick and easy by any means, but it is tasty and makes a nice treat for your family. Give it a try. These are great leftover, too!


1 cup basil fresh (chopped)

2 regular red bell peppers (chopped)

1 large sweet potato

1 ½ oz sun dried tomatoes (chopped)

8 regular kalamata olives (sliced)

5 regular eggs (beaten)

2 regular whole wheat pie crust

coconut oil (spray)

1 tsp fennel seed

1 tsp rosemary


  1. Gather your ingredients and preheat oven to 425.
  2. Set your frozen pie crust out until it becomes pliable.
  3. Dice the bell peppers and saute in pan over medium heat until very soft (about 10-15 min).
  4. Cook your sweet potato until soft (in oven or microwave depending on the time you have).
  5. Slice the potato (into about 12 circles), chop sun-dried tomatoes, chop olives, beat eggs, and measure out spices.
  6. In a large mixing bowl, add cooked bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, olives, spices and mix well. Set aside.
  7. Roll out your crust and divide up into 12 equal amounts and roll into 12 small balls.
  8. Flatten each ball out and press into a muffin pan (lightly sprayed with coconut oil).
  9. Place one slice of potato in the bottom of each one of the crusts.
  10. Add some of the sun-dried tomato mixture into each cup.
  11. Pour a equal amount of egg in each cup.
  12. Bake in oven until crust is brown and filling is cooked (about 20 min). Keep an eye on them so they do not burn.
  13. While they are cooking chop basil.
  14. Top each Sweetie Pie with fresh basil and serve with green salad.

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