Salad Tips

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You’ll notice most of our recipes include a side of mixed greens. We would love to see you get into the habit of adding greens to every meal.

As you go along, there will be some salads introduced as meals, so that would be the only time you skip out on a side salad. Fresh raw greens is an essential part of a healthy diet. We don’t care how simple you start. Just start with whatever you and your family are willing to try – even if it’s just plain romaine lettuce in the beginning.

Here are a few salad tips to get you started:

  • A good basic salad is just to buy mixed organic greens (usually pretty easy to find in any grocery store). At our house, we started with very small sides of greens and worked our way up to making half of our plate filled with greens every dinner.
  • The raw greens is essential to really giving your body those extra nutrients. (If you get bored with the mixed greens, you can always mix it up with arugula or spinach).
  • For toppings, just add raw hemp seeds and raw pumpkin seeds (you can get both of these at a health food store like Whole Foods – in San Diego, we also have Sprouts & Jimbo’s.). Just those two ingredients alone will give you a lot of good stuff (protein, healthy fats, iron, etc.)
  • From there, you can add whatever you like: carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, radishes, broccoli, etc. When you don’t have time to chop stuff up, just grab a couple handfuls of greens, add them to your plate, sprinkle with the hemp & pumpkin seeds and you’re set.
  • For dressings, we highly recommend cutting oils wherever possible. (We all get plenty of that stuff already in our diets.) We used to make our own dressing of olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette, then we discovered that we didn’t need the oil to enjoy our salad. It tastes great with just the vinaigrette. We have a local store we like called Baker & Olive. You may have something similar in your area or you can buy online. It’s fun to experiment with different flavors & mixes. Just drizzle a small amount of that on your salad and it’s awesome. When you get bored with salads, you can try a new flavor.

Practice making this a regular habit. You will adjust to it quickly and you will feel really good eating it. You will get to a point where your body really craves that salad…and it’s all raw ingredients which gives you those live enzymes, etc. Keep expanding on this until you get to a point where your plate is half filled with salad at most meals. It will make a huge difference in your life.

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