Oils to Use

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Oils are a tricky subject. As a basic rule of thumb, from a health perspective, there really should only be two types of oils in your pantry:

  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Extra¬†Virgin¬†Olive Oil

Use Coconut Oil any time you’re cooking and use Olive Oil for non-cooking uses (salads, dips, etc.)

We’ve all been drilled to use olive oil for everything, but the fact is that heat destroys the beneficial properties in olive oil. Olive oil should only be used at room temperature & always stored in a dark place away from the sun for the same reasons.

Coconut oil is usually the best choice for cooking. We use it for just about everything – including when we make popcorn. If you can remember this simple rule, you’ll already be making healthier choices. You’ll want to stock up on these two oils because many of our recipes will point you to them.

On occasion we’ll have a recipe that uses a special oil – like sesame or grapeseed, but it won’t be very frequent. If you’re watching out for your heart health, minimize the use of all oils as much as possible. We’ll make recommendations on individual recipes about where you can cut back.


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