Kitchen Tools

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Here are some of the kitchen tools that we tend to use often.  You probably already have all of these in your kitchen, but if not, you may want to look into it. There are not many.

Cutting Board

This is key, you will be doing a lot of chopping, so do yourself a favor and get a nice big cutting board to work with

Can opener

You probably already have one of these.

A good knife

It doesn’t even have to be a really good one. More importantly, you just need to keep your knives sharp. It will save you time and your food will come out much nicer!

Garlic peeler

Not sure where we got this, but it is a quick way to get the peels off your garlic cloves.  You just stick a clove inside and roll with your hand. The peel comes right off. Very handy! (Just recently saw these at Sur La Table)


After you chop, this little thing is handy to scoop things up with.


We use this all the time.  There are not many things we recommend, but a good blender is one of them. We prefer the VitaMix 5200. It is well worth the price (and if this whole healthy cooking thing does not work out, you can make some mean margaritas). You can order one directly here on our site (VitaMix 5200) or use the link in the sidebar to the right. When you do, a portion of your purchase goes back to us here at The Kitchen Skinny.


This will come in handy now and then. It’s actually more of a luxury item. If you have a cheese grater, there is usually one on the side of it you can use for the same purpose.


This is very useful on occasion.

Hey, how did that get in there?  That is more of a weekend tool :o)

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