Here’s What you Must Do to be Fit & Healthy in 2013

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If you’re like most, you’re already starting to think about what you’re going to do after the holidays are over to get yourself back on track for the new year.

With all of the holiday parties and the extra things on your to-do list, this is about the time that our willpower completely caves and we just give in – we’ll make a fresh start in January. Right?

First of all, that’s a totally valid approach. Now is not the time to load yourself up with guilt about your lack of willpower. Lay that aside. Instead, focus your energy toward how you would like to feel next year at this time.

  • What changes would you like to see in your body?
  • What kept you from achieving that this year?

The most common mistake we see out there is that so many of us are still under the impression that the secret to being fit and healthy is to ‘eat less and exercise more‘.

We think it’s all up to us. Just eat right, exercise, and voila – you will be healthy and fit. Right?

Wrong. (Sorry!)

If TK and I can offer you one bit of advice this year, it’s this:

“Eat less. Exercise more.” is a myth. It doesn’t work. Not for you. Not for me. Not for any of our clients.

Too many of our clients spend too much time beating themselves up – feeling guilty because they ‘know what they should do, but they just don’t do it’.

They try to make healthy choices. They try to exercise like they know they should. They get short bursts of success – then it falls apart. And, then they feel guilty so they give up. Next thing you know, it’s the end of the year and they are back to square one – or worse.

This is totally normal. It happens to all of us.

But, here’s a little secret…

It’s not your fault. The reason that strategy isn’t working for you is because it doesn’t work for hardly anyone.

Here’s why:

The whole calorie in vs. calorie out thing does not compute.

For example,I take a pretty intense workout class and on a good day I burn about 300-400 calories. I can walk into Starbucks after class and with just one beverage or one blueberry oat bar, I can completely negate my calorie burn.

How much time would I really have to spend in the gym to get ahead of that game?

Another way to think of it is this.

Does your body process 100 calories of Christmas cookie, the same way it processes 100 calories of raw vegetables?

Of course, not. Your body has to process and filter that cookie – much of which is completely useless to the body (and is therefore stored as fat). Whereas the 100 calories of raw vegetables gets transformed into nutrients that the body uses to improve your stamina, energy and immune system (completely utilized).

The bad news? You will never work off that cookie at the gym. It’s not possible.

The good news? You can stop with the whole diet/exercise thing.

There’s a better way.

Unfortunately, it’s not a great business model because it actually works.

Most businesses are formed off of creating and addressing chronic problems – self perpetuating problems and solutions. Buy, use, refill, repeat.

You don’t have to be part of that cycle – not when it comes to your health.

In the weeks ahead, you’re going to receive all kinds of marketing and messages from gyms, diet programs, and cleanses…all promising to be your solution to the perfect body in 2013.

It’s a great business model – because it doesn’t quite work.

But, the reason it doesn’t work is not because you’re a failure.

It doesn’t work because it’s a temporary solution. It’s a self-perpetuating solution….designed to help you get results, but only while doing that program. The second you cut back on that workout or eat one extra goodie, you undo your progress.

That is no way to live.

Here’s the thing you must do if you want to be more fit and healthy in 2013.

Stop setting yourself up with a strategy that doesn’t work and then feeling bad that you weren’t able to make it work.

Like they say – the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Stop the insanity this year. Instead of signing up for a new diet program or a new gym membership that will last for a month or two and then just make you feel more guilty – use that energy to try a completely new approach.

  • Eat more whole foods
  • Load your body up on nutrients
  • Learn about where your food comes from & how your body works
  • Get yourself set up on a fully customized program – of foods you love, that make you feel good and that you enjoy
  • Stop exercising to burn calories & start exercising for the joy of movement
  • Get results that last the rest of your life & that get better year after year

Challenge your assumptions.

When we see someone who is fit and healthy, we quickly assume that person has amazing discipline monitoring their food and following their exercise program.

But, the truth is – when you see someone who is truly fit and healthy, what they have discovered is that willpower, diet and exercise are not the secret.

The secret to being fit and healthy is to ignore all of the marketing and messaging out there and instead, learn to listen to your own body.

What is your body telling you? What is it asking for? What will you give it this year? What help do you need?

Over the next few weeks, every time you see an ad, flyer or promotion for a gym or a diet program, stop for a moment, close your eyes and listen to your body.

What is it truly asking you for?

Are you ready to answer?

Are you ready to try something new this year? We’d love to help you get started. Pick our brain, start a customized approach, upgrade the fuel you put into your body.

Let’s make this the year!


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