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Dulse pronounced  (dls), is an edible seaweed that grows on both sides of the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Dulse is very rich in Vitamins B6, B12, as well as Vitamins C, E and A.  It is also high in iron, potassium, fluoride, magnesium, calcium, protein and dietary fiber.  It is a natural source of iodine and unlike other seaweeds, dulse is relatively low in sodium.

In The Kitchen Skinny we use Dulse granules as a salt replacement.  We are getting plenty of sodium whenever we eat outside the home, so focusing on low sodium cooking in the home will help you maintain healthier levels of sodium in your diet.

You can buy Dulse at most health food stores and, of course, online.  Here is the link to the Main Coast Sea Vegetable store.

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