The Skinny: Lessons for Health

The Kitchen Skinny is more than just a menu planning service. You see, we want to make eating healthy easy, but our ultimate goal is to help you develop better eating habits so you can enjoy more energy, improved health and live a long, healthy life.

During your membership, you will receive information-packed nutrition lessons. It’s like having your own personal nutrition coach alongside you. These lessons will cover all of the fundamental nutrition information we provide with our one-on-one clients.

Each month, you’ll receive access to a new nutrition lesson packed with information that will help you make better choices. And, to make sure the lesson ‘sticks’, each month we will give you a simple ‘homework assignment’ — a simple focus for that month to help you develop a new awareness and a new habit in your own life.  

At the end of your membership, you’ll be amazed at how much information you’ve taken in and applied to develop a healthier lifestyle.

The Skinny on Health

Lesson 4
Fat, Carbs & Protein
Lesson 5
Processed Foods, Fiber & Food Concentration
Lesson 6
Your Perfect Nutrition
Lesson 7
Strategy: Planning, Snacks, Alcohol & Backup Plans
Lesson 8
Organic Foods
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Super Foods
Lesson 11
Vitamins & Supplements
Lesson 12
Goal Setting