Why Family Dinner is Making a Comeback

  As parents, we all want our kids to excel in school and to stay out of trouble. There is simply no other tool as powerful as a family dinner to help make that a reality for our kids. But, how do we reclaim dinner when we’re all running different directions – sports, activities, work, […]

Here’s What you Must Do to be Fit & Healthy in 2013

If you’re like most, you’re already starting to think about what you’re going to do after the holidays are over to get yourself back on track for the new year. With all of the holiday parties and the extra things on your to-do list, this is about the time that our willpower completely caves and […]

Great Reasons to Head Home for Dinner

Most parents know that family dinner is important. But, in today’s world, with work, children’s busy schedules, picky eaters and an overall shortage of time – statistics show that family dinner is just not panning out the way we would like: Americans are eating over 50% of their meals out 83% of Americans report eating […]

Salad Tips

You’ll notice most of our recipes include a side of mixed greens. We would love to see you get into the habit of adding greens to every meal. As you go along, there will be some salads introduced as meals, so that would be the only time you skip out on a side salad. Fresh […]

What to do when you can’t find an ingredient

There will be times when you just can’t find every ingredient. It happens. We try to stick with standard ingredients, but some of them might require an extra trip to a natural food store. If you just run out of time or can’t find one particular ingredient, don’t panic. It won’t ruin your whole week. […]

Where’s the beef?

Our daughter Kady drew this picture a few years back as part of a school assignment. Kady is our resident vegetarian. As a result, our whole family has pretty much moved to a vegetarian lifestyle. Her reasons are not so much health-oriented as they are morally-driven. She just doesn’t think we should eat animals. And, […]

A well-stocked pantry

Start getting your pantry ready. Here are some things we always keep in ours. You may want to have these items on hand: Whole wheat flour* Nutritional Yeast* (find at most health food stores) Organic Corn Meal* Organic Bread Crumbs* Cream of Wheat Cacao Powder (raw)** *these items you will see in many of the recipes […]

How to get the most from your membership

Before you check your inbox & start in on your first menu, here are a few things to ensure you get the most from your membership. You’ve given yourself a great gift by opening your life to what you’ll discover during your time in The Kitchen Skinny. Of course, the commitment you’ve made to your […]

Update your spice rack

There are some things you may want to make sure you are stocked up on in your spice rack (or at the very least make sure the spices will come out when you shake them! Nobody likes crusty spices!) This list should be a good base line, but there will be recipes that call for […]

What to do when a recipe has an ingredient you don’t like?

So, what happens when you see one of The Kitchen Skinny recipes has an ingredient that you just don’t like? I hate to say it, but if this happens, you are faced with a dilemma. You can either buck up and give it a try or skip it. Either option is fine. No one will ever […]