Black Bean Burritos

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Black Bean Burritos

Yield: 4

Black Bean Burritos

Growing up in Southern California, burritos have been something we have been eating as long as I can remember, but they have not always been the healthiest. Here’s a healthier version so you can keep burritos in your life.


1 large avocado(s) (cubed)

4 leaves lettuce

2 regular green onions (chopped)

¼ medium yellow onion (chopped)

1 large tomato (chopped)

2 15 oz cans black beans (drained and rinsed)

1 cup brown rice

4 large Ezekiel Tortillas

¼ cup cheese



  1. Gather your ingredients.
  2. Cook rice as per directions on package.
  3. Chop your produce and grate your cheese.
  4. Place rinsed beans in large bowl and mash with masher until most of the whole beans are gone.
  5. Add about ½ of your chopped onions and a little salsa to the beans and mix.
  6. Place beans in small pot and warm over medium heat (stirring frequently).
  7. When rice is done add to beans and stir well.
  8. Warm your tortillas (microwave, oven or stovetop). Add some of the bean and rice mixture to tortilla and top with lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion, salsa, and a sprinkle of cheese.


  1. The Kitchen Skinny says

    eschaumann April 5, 2012 at 4:13 am [edit]
    These were great. They were super easy and very yummy. They are going in my favorites list.

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