BBC (Butternut Broccoli Cauliflower) Pasta

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BBC (Butternut Broccoli Cauliflower) Pasta

Yield: 4-6

BBC (Butternut Broccoli Cauliflower) Pasta

Sometimes you wonder by looking at the simplicity of the ingredients if a dish is going to taste good. But this BBC Pasta does not disappoint!


2 cups broccoli (chopped)

2 cups butternut squash (small cubes)

2 cups cauliflower (chopped)

4 cloves garlic (peeled & pressed)

1 medium sweet onion (diced)

2 Tbsp rosemary (fresh) (stem removed)

12 oz penne pasta (whole wheat)

2 cups vegetable stalk (low sodium)

½ cup white wine vinegar

1 breast chicken (grilled) (optional)


  1. Gather your ingredients.
  2. Boil water as per pasta directions.
  3. Prepare all your ingredients: dice squash, chop onion, broccoli, garlic, and cauliflower, and remove stem from rosemary. Measure out vegetable stalk and white wine vinegar.
  4. Cook pasta as per directions (note: the last 4 min of cooking you will be adding the broccoli and cauliflower to the pot)
  5. In a large skillet over medium heat, sauté garlic and onion until onion is translucent (about 3-5 min).
  6. Add in white wine vinegar to the skillet and bring to boil.
  7. Add in vegetable stalk, squash, and rosemary to the skillet and cook on med-high for about (12-14 min).
  8. Add the broccoli and cauliflower to the pasta pot (the last 4 min of cooking time).
  9. When pasta is done, drain the pasta, broccoli, and cauliflower and place back in pot, cover and set aside.
  10. When sauce is done, pour into pasta pot and mix well.
  11. Serve immediately with a side salad.

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