A well-stocked pantry

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Start getting your pantry ready. Here are some things we always keep in ours. You may want to have these items on hand:

Whole wheat flour*
Nutritional Yeast* (find at most health food stores)
Organic Corn Meal*
Organic Bread Crumbs*
Cream of Wheat
Cacao Powder (raw)**

*these items you will see in many of the recipes throughout the year.
**useful for some of the dessert options 

These are items you should always have on hand. If you do have these items you will always be able to make something good.  Each week, make sure you are stocked on these items:

Organic Black Beans (6)
Organic Pinto Beans (4)
Organic Garbanzo Beans (4)
Organic Red Beans (3)
Sun dried tomatoes
Tomato Paste (2)
Tomato Sauce (1)
Diced Tomatoes – low sodium (2)
Vegetable Stalk – Low Sodium  (2)
Organic Pasta Sauce – low sugar (1)
Whole wheat pasta
Udon pasta (find at most health food stores)
Quinoa (we like red)
Salsa (1)
Yellow Onion



  1. MicheleStremel says

    Are the Trader Joe’s organic bean cans BPA free?

  2. The Kitchen Skinny says

    Hey Michele – it does not state on the label that they are BPA free. We moved to Eden brand a last year (but they are a buck more per can). This year we have been soaking our beans. It was all about baby steps for us 🙂 Someone just emailed me and said they were BPA free but I have not done the research yet.

  3. Hi Michele – I just saw your comments here & yes, Trader Joe’s bean cans are BPA free. Some of their other cans are not. Here’s a good resource: http://www.treehugger.com/green-food/7-companies-you-can-trust-to-use-bpa-free-cans.html

    You might have fun participating in our Trader Joe’s tour on Saturday, March 2, 2013. It’s part of a 2-hour event hosted in Bressi Ranch from 1:30 – 3:30. “Healthy Me + Healthy You = Healthy Family”. It starts at Ollie & Me at 1:30. We’ll be emailing details this week. – Karen

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