TK’s Protein Bars

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TK’s Protein Bars

TK’s Protein Bars

We have yet to find a food bar that we are happy with – both the ingredients AND the nutritional profile. So, we made our own! We call them, “If You Want It Done Right You Have To Make Them Yourself – Super Food Protein Bars”.

We think the name is catchy don’t you?

We feel so much better about giving these to our kids compared to some of the things we see in the store.

Give them a try.


3 cups rolled oats

4 scoops chocolate protein powder

4 Tbsp ground flaxseed

1/2 cup raw cacao nibs

1/4 cup raw cacao powder

1/2 cup goji berries

1 1/2 cups organic peanut butter (or organic almond butter)

3/4 cup water

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup raw walnuts

1/2 cup raw pepitas

1/4 cup raw hemp seed


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl (oats, protein powder, flax, walnuts, pepitas, hemp seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs)
  2. Mix wet ingredients in another bowl (nut butter, water, vanilla)
  3. Pour and stir dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. Stir until all dry ingredients are gone.
  4. Lightly drizzle the bottom of a large glass baking dish with raw cacao powder.
  5. Place the mixture into the baking dish and firmly pack evenly into the baking dish.
  6. Cover and place in refrigerator over night (or at least 1 hour).
  7. Cut into rectangular bars, or squares, or you can make them into balls (as in the picture).

**Protein powder make sure you get the kind that has 0 grams or less than 1 gram of sugar – usually will be sweetened with Stevia – over time we have trimmed the amount of protein powder we use down to 2 (but you can start with 4)

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