Pita Pizza

Pita Pizza Yield: 4 Having quick healthier alternatives to pizza is never a bad thing. Here is a quick and easy one that tastes great! Give it a whirl when you are in a hurry!Ingredients1 cup arugula 1 cup basil (chopped) 1 regular red bell pepper (sliced) ½ regular red onion (sliced) 3 regular tomatoes […]

Fennel Pizza

Fennel Pizza Yield: 4 Don’t let the name of this one fool you. It is awesome! So many great flavors in this pizza. Everyone loved this one!Ingredients½ cup basil 1 bulb fennel (thinly sliced) 3 clove garlic (peeled & pressed) 1 ¼ regular yellow onions (1 thinly sliced and ¼ chopped) 2 large tomatoes (quartered) […]

Ratatouille-ish Pizza

Ratatouillie-ish Pizza Yield: 4 Everyone LOVED this one! If you liked the Ratatouillie-ish then you will love the Ratatouille-ish Pizza too!Ingredients1 oz Fresh Basil (about 1 handful chopped) 1 regular eggplant (quartered and sliced) 3 regular yellow onions (thinly sliced) 5 regular tomatoes (sliced) 1 regular zucchini (thinly sliced) 1 Whole Wheat pizza dough 1 […]

Nacho Pizza

Nacho Pizza Yield: 4 Come on now!?! Do I really need to write a description here? I don’t know about you, but whenever I see the name of this recipe that “Hallelujah” music goes off in my head. I love nachos and I love pizza, but put them together and that is just…I don’t know, […]

Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza Yield: 4 We think you are going to like this one. It has become a favorite at our house lately. It is much healthier compared to your standard delivery pizza and tastes WAY better.Ingredients1 cup fresh basil (chopped) 2 cloves garlic (peeled & pressed) 5 regular tomatoes (thinly sliced) Whole wheat pizza dough […]

Pesto Calzones

Pesto Calzones Yield: 4 One of my first jobs was at a gas station 2 blocks away from my house. This was before I could drive so I would ride my bike there. I am not sure why, but I had the key to the place and was responsible for opening it and on the […]

Japanese Pizza

Japanese Pizza Yield: 4 We love pizza, what can we say. We will try anything that has pizza in the name! This one will test your flipping skills but it is yummy even if it does not look perfect. These are also great leftover for lunch the next day.Ingredients4 cups cabbage (shredded) 2 cups leeks […]

Veggie Pesto Pizza

Veggie Pesto Pizza Yield: 4 Did you save your leftover pesto? If you did, you are in luck because this is the perfect use for leftover pesto. This is another Friday night favorite in our house. It is quick and easy and very flexible. You can top this with any vegetables you like and it […]

Arugula Pizza

Arugula Pizza Yield: 4 We probably eat this Arugula pizza or the Veggie pizza 3-4 times a month. Usually on Friday, it is easy to make, the kids love it, we can make this and have the kitchen cleaned and be sitting down eating way before delivery could even get to us. Ingredients2-3 handfuls arugula […]

Mexican Pizza

Mexican Pizza Yield: 4 This is one of our family’s backup dinners. We always have the ingredients for this meal on hand, so that when everything falls apart (which it will), you can whip this meal up in no time and not feel guilty. Our kids actually ask for this one on a regular basis.Ingredients1 […]