Vegan Mac & Cheese Chili

Vegan Mac & Cheese Chili Ingredients2 cloves garlic (minced) 1 regular yellow onion (chopped) 1 package Smart Ground Mexican Crumbles (meatless) 4 cups veggie broth 1 large can diced tomatoes 1 can kidney beans (drained) 1 can black beans (drained) 2 Tbsp chili powder 2 Tbsp cumin black pepper 10 oz whole wheat elbow pasta […]

Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Chocolate Tofu Pudding Every now and then you may have a sweet tooth right? Instead of heading for the ice-cream, let’s have some alternatives available that will satisfy your sweet tooth but have a little less bad and a little more good. Give this one a whirl.Ingredients1 pkg. organic soft tofu (drained) 2 Tbsp cocoa […]

Cashew Cream

Cashew Cream Want to make something sweet for your hunny? This one came from the conscious cook book and I have added in some shortcuts to make it easy and quick. My daughter whipped this up this morning while I wrote out the recipe, it takes just a couple of minutes and is a great […]

Sweet Pumpkin Spice Zucchini

Sweet Pumpkin Spice Zucchini Want a little sweet treat? This may even be a way to get your kids to eat zucchini! I just made this and everyone liked it. Perfect treat for a rainy day, enjoy!Ingredients1 large zucchini (sliced) ½ tsp coconut oil cinnamon pumpkin spice raspberry sugar free syrupInstructionssaute zucchini with coconut oil […]

Raw Brownies

Raw Brownies Made these raw brownies the other night for the kids. They are super good and are not filled with a bunch of junk. In fact, besides the sugar in the dates, I am a big fan of everything in them! Having some in your freezer, for one of those moments, is not a […]

No Bake Protein Bars

No Bake Protein Bars People have been asking for this recipe, so I figured I would post it. We made this last night for Tyler’s weight training class. Ingredients1 1/2 cup rolled oats 2 scoops chocolate whey protein 2 tbsp ground flaxseed (or hemp seeds) 1/2 cup raw peanut butter 1/2 cup water 1 tsp […]

Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight Those of you that know me, know that I am not a big fan of sugar. Having kids makes it even more tough to completely eliminate. It is spring break at our house and both the girls are home. I have had this recipe that I have been wanting to try out and […]

TK’s Protein Bars

TK’s Protein Bars We have yet to find a food bar that we are happy with – both the ingredients AND the nutritional profile. So, we made our own! We call them, “If You Want It Done Right You Have To Make Them Yourself – Super Food Protein Bars”.We think the name is catchy don’t […]

TKS Healthy Hummus & Pita Chips

TKS Healthy Hummus & Pita Chips This is one of my favorite party snacks (just made this plate last night for some friends), it has plenty of fiber, protein and good fats. The kids love to take it in their lunch too!Ingredients1 15 oz can garbanzo beans (drained & rinsed) 4 cloves (peeled & pressed) […]

The Kitchen Skinny Standard Weekly Grocery List

The Kitchen Skinny Standard Grocery List This is the basic things we eat above and beyond dinners. You can use this to your Ziplist and starting point and customize it as your own. Ingredientscoffee (organic) green tea Ezekiel Cereal Steel Cut Oats Chia Seeds Hemp Seeds Pepitas (raw) Almonds (raw) Walnuts (raw) Coconut Oil Olive […]