What’s for dinner?

Do you dread that question? (We sure did!)

If you’re like a lot of us, you have the best intentions.

  • You know you need to eat healthier.
  • You know you need to cut back on convenience foods & eating out.
  • You know whole foods are a better option and that you need to eat more vegetables.

But, let's get real. With work and life…who has the time to plan nutritionally-sound meals every week, let alone cook them? (And, even on those rare occasions when you do find the time, you run out of energy. Right?)

And then, what happens?

Our Story...


Well, at our house, with both of us working full-time and two busy daughters, we found ourselves eating out about three times a week (sometimes four).

Even when we did eat at home, there was always some kind of box involved in our meal. Convenience was king.

We tried our best to make the healthiest choices while out at a restaurant or while reading labels in the store, but we weren’t getting any healthier. In fact, each year, we felt ourselves slipping further away from picture perfect health. We worked out regularly, but never got lasting results. Our kids were picky and we couldn’t get them to eat a bite of vegetables, let alone the USDA’s recommended half plate serving.

Luckily, along the way, we made some discoveries that got us out of the endless cycle. We started learning about food and nutrition. And the more we studied, the more we began to realize that many of the foods we thought were 'healthy' were the very foods keeping us from our goals. We were shocked to say the least - especially after trying to do our best for so long.

That’s when we made a commitment to get serious and make some changes – for ourselves and our family. 

  • We made a conscious effort to eat at home one more time each week.
  • We started learning how to cook whole foods in a healthy way. 
  • We experimented with new recipes.

Small steps. Big results.

Eventually, we found new family favorites and before long “What’s for dinner?” was no longer a dreaded question, but one we all looked forward to. In fact, our kids (now teenagers) always come home looking forward to dinner.

Some of our best family memories have been around the dinner table.

That’s not the only change at our house. It is crazy the changes that we’ve made in our health and our habits. We still marvel at the quantity of vegetables we (yes, even our kids) devour on a daily basis – even more so, we marvel at how great we feel.

We even went so far as to become certified nutritionists so we could go out and teach others what we've learned. (You don't have to go THAT crazy, but you can certainly benefit from all of the stuff we've learned.)

Bottomline: if this kind of change can happen at our house, we know you can do it, too! You just need the tools that make it easy.

That's why we created The Kitchen Skinny Menus

As nutritionists, we wanted to find a way to make it easier for our private clients to plan and prepare good healthy meals. After all, we are all busy. 

There are tons of recipe sites and menu planners online, but there just aren't many sources out there that really match up with our standards of healthy eating (reducing sugar, oils, meat, dairy), while also being easy and family-friendly.

So, we decided to document and share all of our favorites. And, to provide them in an easy-to-use, step-by-step format.

  • 130+ plant-strong, nutrient dense recipes that taste great
  • 52 weekly menu plans that provide plenty of variety
  • Categorized grocery lists that make shopping easy

Now you, too, can experience the amazing things that happen to your body and your family when you eat well. And, you don't have to dig through tons of recipe sites, altering the ingredients to improve the nutrition, etc. And, you don't have to plan. We've done all of the hard work for you. So, you can just enjoy eating!

If you're ready to starting eating healthier, want more variety and don't want a huge learning curve, then you'll love it here. You'll learn a lot, discover new favorites, and improve your health in the process.

Check out our Site Tour or a Sample Menu and start eating better TODAY!

Let’s cook!

Karen & TK Smith

San Diego, California

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